In case you didn’t know. Running a site costs a little bit of money.

The DM Doctor is still trying to find the best way to offset these costs. I currently run ads, but with few page views, this isn’t the best option.

I am using affiliate links as a form of commission. Affiliate links will make you pay more for a product (in many cases, I will try to find the cheapest version of a product for you). If you purchase a product (even if it was not the one I suggested) from the site (normally Drivethru RPG or Amazon), then I will get a small commission.

To put it simply, the affiliate links are referrals. And just like many online and mobile games, when you refer a friend, you get a bonus. The affiliate links are my referrals, and you my friends provide me a bonus when you use them. In turn, I can keep the site running and be able to bring more materials, contests, and other content for you!

Hopefully, in time, I can remove ads from the site altogether. You can also support The DM Doctor through donations: