So with a very anti-climactic finish for myself, the road of season nine for Paizo’s RPG Superstar contest comes to a close. 
Well, there were a few circumstances, but in the end they are all just useless excuses. What truly ended things for me was fear. I let my lack of confidence in myself and my artistic skills drag me down. I can’t draw, so I really focused on making my map as ‘artful’ as I could and trying to avoid cluttering it with useless objects. I really tried to use up as much space as I could. All this attributed to a boring map with a ‘cool design’ that had wasted, filled space instead of wasted blank space.
I do not feel bad about this being the end this season. Even with a better map design and description, the top 16 that advanced all did exceedingly well in my book. I know that I brought myself down and not advancing was by my own hand (and of course, 16 talented designers that had the confidence to run with their ideas).
What I do feel bad about was two online acquaintances telling me that my submission let them down (basically). I know they didn’t say it to be hurtful, because they did let me know that they were rooting for me. I feel bad because I really did let them down. Thinking things over, I feel that is worse than not advancing.
Before I jump off this topic into the next, I do want to say congratulations to the top 16 for season nine. You guys did amazing, and I will be following you through the rest of the season. I hope to see some awesome monsters and later encounters, because monsters and encounters are my favorite things to design. Congratulations, and do us all proud! Design and submit with confidence!
Moving on…
With my run over, I will be moving back to working on my blog series as well as adventures. There are a few changes planned…
  • Because weekly posts were a little ambitious, I will be moving to an “every other Thursday” schedule. Postings will begin this Thursday, September 17, 2015.
    •  There will still be additional posts when able

  • I will be posting free traps, puzzles, monsters, etc.; HOWEVER, I will be dropping the free monthly adventures.
    • Rather than monthly adventures, I will be moving to mini-adventures/quests.

  • I will continue working on full scale adventures. 
    • These adventures sadly will be moved to a purchasable scale.
      • Depending on size/scope of adventure, $0.99- $4.99 range.
    • Reason being, the site and resources take a toll on money and time, and frankly an “everything free” plan would only work with a traffic heavy site.

  • Soon to launch Kickstarter(s) (if they become successful) for the adventures.
    • Since I am no artist, I will be using the Kickstarter funds to get cover artist(s) and map sketches (better ideas than I submitted to superstar…) revamped by professional cartographers.

  • I would like to move away from ads (soon). 
    • Had two readers inform me that they were choosing to stop following due to the ads being placed on site. Frankly, with my page view rate, I will get my first payment in about… 833 years (or never). Yes, I know as content increases, views will go up, and so will ad impressions, but right now building followers is much more important.

  • I think there will be a professional revamp of the site.
    • Not sure when, because like most things, that takes money.
    • New(er) site will feature my very own shop.
    • Should run faster and be more… well. Yeah.

  • Most importantly, getting a little more involved with social media. 
    • I tend to just check in and not tweet/post/fave/plus/hula dance.
Now to work on my backlog of private commissions. Until next time!

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