Puzzle of Persistence (RPG Logic Puzzle)

Puzzle of Persistence (RPG Logic Puzzle)

Need a new puzzle to drop into your next D&D, Pathfinder, or other RPG system session? Remember last year when I first released my Primary Wall of Force Puzzle and been dying for a new one? Many D&D DMs and Pathfinder GMs, and players alike went berserk trying to solve the answer...Read more
So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part VII): Reskinning Monsters

So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part VII): Reskinning Monsters

Making Old Monsters New Again Your players have successfully navigated the treacherous network of caverns in search of [insert name of Famous BBEG #37]. Kicking down the door, they think he is caught by surprise. His laughter echoes among the cavern walls. The ground ripples beneath their feet. The expanse...Read more

Piezoelectric Golem CR 3

The piezoelectric golem found below is compatible with The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.    Why no picture? Well, drawing is not my forte. Though I could find free artwork or ask an artist for a free submission, I would much rather pay an artist for their work. Please consider becoming a...Read more

Ultimate Intrigue (Product Review)

What is the Ultimate Intrigue? Today’s RPG product review is on Paizo’s Ultimate Intrigue for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. [This post contains affiliate links] The most intriguing part of Ultimate Intrigue is whether Paizo intended for GMs to decide upon their own mechanics or save it for another book. When it comes to Chapter...Read more

Primary Wall of Force Puzzle: Simply Complicated or Complicatedly Simple RPG Puzzles (GM TIPS)

Sometimes games and sessions can become stale and monotonous. All the skill checks, hacking and slashing through enemies that don’t measure up to min-maxed characters— you name it, sometimes you’ll get bored with it. So how can you create a challenge without creating an arms race? Today’s GM Tip is...Read more

How to Make a Good Story (A Hero’s Journey) – So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part VI)

The Art of Storytelling (The Hero’s Journey)   How do you make a good story for your adventure? Your campaign? Do you have great original ideas, but players get bored before they ever reach them? Whether you are a novelist or just a guy wanting to make his own adventures...Read more

Back + End of RPGSS 9 Run

So with a very anti-climactic finish for myself, the road of season nine for Paizo’s RPG Superstar contest comes to a close.  Why? Well, there were a few circumstances, but in the end they are all just useless excuses. What truly ended things for me was fear. I let my...Read more