So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part VII): Reskinning Monsters

So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part VII): Reskinning Monsters

Making Old Monsters New Again Your players have successfully navigated the treacherous network of caverns in search of [insert name of Famous BBEG #37]. Kicking down the door, they think he is caught by surprise. His laughter echoes among the cavern walls. The ground ripples beneath their feet. The expanse...Read more

Ultimate Intrigue (Product Review)

What is the Ultimate Intrigue? Today’s RPG product review is on Paizo’s Ultimate Intrigue for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. [This post contains affiliate links] The most intriguing part of Ultimate Intrigue is whether Paizo intended for GMs to decide upon their own mechanics or save it for another book. When it comes to Chapter...Read more
Rory’s Story Cubes (Product Review)

Rory’s Story Cubes (Product Review)

The Perfect Aide for Beating Writer’s Block Today’s RPG product review is on Rory’s Story Cubes. (You can visit the company’s Home Page here). [This post contains affiliate links] “Now wait a minute! These aren’t an RPG product,” I am sure some of you are thinking already. You’re right. These were made...Read more

Back + End of RPGSS 9 Run

So with a very anti-climactic finish for myself, the road of season nine for Paizo’s RPG Superstar contest comes to a close.  Why? Well, there were a few circumstances, but in the end they are all just useless excuses. What truly ended things for me was fear. I let my...Read more

RPG Superstar Season 9 Announced

Want to show off your RPG design skills? Me too! Paizo’s RPG Superstar Season 9 was announced over the weekend at Gen Con. I was not one of the fortunate ones to be there, but read leaks from people that were in attendance. Paizo does have the current rules and...Read more

How to make a Big Bad Evil Guy (BBEG) – So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part IV)

Bonus Week Day 5: GM Tip: Making an Adventure (Story-crafting continued…BBEG)Phew! We made it to the last day of bonus week. Not another one of these until October. But before we start sipping some Mai Tais, let’s continue our story-crafting lesson. Let us work on our Big Bad Evil Guy. GM...Read more