How often do you roll your d12s? No, mistaking it for a d20 does not count. But seriously, think about it? When you go for a 2-handed martial character, you are more likely to grab that greatsword for 2d6 19-20/x2 over a greataxe with a 1d12 x3. The greatsword even saves you a few pounds off your carrying capacity. Then you start looking into larger weapons and the d12 fades away to 3d6 and never shows its poor, pudgy self again.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that the d12 is just the fat kid of the dice pool with poor hygiene or something. No one wants to play with him. It is like, “why take that one when I can get those two?” Difference between 1d12 and 2d6: an average of 0.5. At higher levels, you have rogues and damage blasters rolling all these d6s. The only time the poor fat kid gets a chance to roll, is when he is mistaken for a d20, aka “Chris Farley”. I mean, admit it, you know Chris Farley was just plain awesome. Everyone would hang out with him if given the chance.

To bring some love back to our fat kid of the dice pool, I offer the following variant rule suggestion:

Anytime you would roll three or more d6s, switch every 2d6 out for 1d12. Damage curve is only slightly lowered (by 1 point for every 4d6 switched out). Is that a big difference? Of course not! At 20d6, you lose out on an average of five damage, and have half as many dice to add up.

I mean sure, what strikes more fear into a player the GM rolling 6d6 or 3d12? More dice = more noise, thus must be more bones crunched.

All I am saying is drop the twins (2d6) and give that fat kid some love! Besides, the less dice flying around, the less drinks and other tabletop essentials knocked on the floor.

Comment and tell me how this dice house rule works for you. Have other dice house rule suggestions?

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