DM Doctor’s Logo Challenge

If you missed it on twitter or in recent posts, I am getting set-up for a kickstarter for my new book of variant rules for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and for use with various editions of D&D.

Okay, so why do I mention this under a logo challenge? Well…

Starting as of this moment, I am running a contest. An art contest.


  1. I am looking for a new logo (for site, twitter, facebook, AND to put on products). The logo can be digital or a scan from a physical medium.
  2. The artist will need to make at least 1 logo and a matching thumbnail (to be used as a profile picture and/or site icon).
  3. While just about anything goes, the logo must, of course, have “The DM Doctor” and preferably be related to RPGs and/or Medical theme (preferably both).
  4. Any color scheme works. Though I’m currently using an orange/black theme, I’ll gladly match my site to the new logo.
  5. A designer may submit up to 3 logos for consideration.
  6. Contest submissions may be submitted by email: or via twitter: @the_dm_dr w/ hashtag: #DMDRlogo
  7. All submissions must be submitted by 11:59pm (CST) by March 30th.
  8. You do not have to follow me on social media to enter.
  9. A Submission must be “family-friendly” to be eligible. Any profanity, phallic symbols, pornography, and other inappropriate images (obvious or hidden) will nullify a submission. If a winning submission is found to not be eligible, a new winner will be declared.
  10. All eligible submissions will be posted March 31st on my site and featured on twitter.
  11. The winner will be chosen by my followers on twitter.

So… What do I win?

The first prize winner will receive $50 (USD) sent via Paypal (can be sent via other select mediums if the winner does not have paypal).

BUT that’s not all. The winner will also receive the following:

  • A free, digital copy of every future DM Doctor product and Forevermore RPG (system and setting).
  • Will be able to purchase all products at cost (pay the same amount I have to for a physical copy).
  • Once Forevermore RPG is ready (and I have the money), will be given an additional $100 (USD) to design logos for the Forevermore RPG system AND the Forevermore RPG setting (winner may decline and we will run a separate contest then).
  • Winner will also be the first choice for commissioning additional artwork for future projects. Will work with the artist to determine commission rates.

The winning logo will become property of The DM Doctor. Artist will be credited for each appearance of use in products.

So… IS there only one prize?

While there will be just one grand prize, the second and third runner ups will be considered for RPG artwork to be used in upcoming projects. Commission rates will be discussed at time of request.

That’s all! Get to work!

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