So I know for the past, well, a really long time, a minority of players and big-time creators (not going to name anyone because I dislike glorifying the “assailants”) have been trying to cultivate a “pure gamer race” (my words). Their wrongly placed beliefs formed a #DNDGATE, more a semi-permeable membrane and not another #gamergate and Watergate. Anyone not within their standards are deemed not to be a part of the #RPG or #DND community.

When did this happen?

Frankly, I don’t care. Nor do I care who these people think they are. They do not, and should not be a defining factor in the gaming community. This whole #DNDGate mess goes completely against the culture that started RPGs off in the first place.

Growing up I was the outcast. I just didn’t fit in. Truthfully that hasn’t changed. But TTRPGs and TCGs really changed that for me; at least in my mind. I had a group. A collective. WE did our thing just about every week. Playing TTRPGS and TCGs is what we did. WE enjoyed it. WE never excluded those that wished to join us. Outside of the game store, WE were outcasts. But inside, WE all found a place to belong.

Since when did WE become the ones to cast aside others. Since when did WE decide who belongs.

Never. Because the same kind of thinking creating #DNDGate is not what created our culture. I am happy that the gaming communities in all sectors have grown. I enjoy flame wars about genres and competing franchises — not about who belongs and who doesn’t because of factors that have nothing to do with games in the first place.

So please, remember my number one rule: Keep it fun. Sure if you can’t get past your own misguided beliefs, then fine. Keep it to yourself and let others do their thing.

For anyone in need of a place to game, let me know. I can’t do much, but I do have private forums reserved for my friends and me. I can also assist with finding others whose beliefs in games in rightly placed.

Those are the Doctor’s orders.

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