Forevermore RPG

Perhaps I’m just a glutton for punishment. If you haven’t kept up with the news on Twitter, I have decided to give this another go.

Hitting the ground running after my “recovery”, I am pleased to announce the only project I will be working on (besides a couple of back-logged promised reviews) is Forevermore RPG.


Forevermore RPG will be a unique system and campaign setting with a Never-Retire Mechanic.

What’s a “Never-Retire Mechanic“?

Simply put, there are no class-level caps, character level caps, even spells and special abilities will be without limitations. This means that as long as there is still an adventure to be had, your characters will always be able to keep advancing.

How much is this going to cost and when can I get it?

The entire system and campaign setting will be run completely on a “donations and pay-what-you-want model”. To ensure that all gamers can get into tabletop rpgs, Forevermore RPG will make all rules, supplements, adventures, and even the entire campaign setting available for free! This may make things slow at first, but as we get our first line of products out, we hope that with the help of the community, we can pick up steam. Forevermore RPG will be a gateway into the Tabletop RPG hobby industry available to all gamers, regardless of their available income.

Though no timeline has been set, I hope to have Forevermore RPG alpha testing rolling out by the end of 2019 or early 2020.

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