The Call of Adventure

After a strange earthquake opens a deep chasm in the eastern portion of the small nation of Kruzix, King Hilaf sends his heralds across the lands to call forth any able-body that seeks valor, glory, and/or riches.  What awaits those that enter into the depths of the earth is uncertain, but the beginnings of a great adventure are guaranteed.

The adventure is designed for 3-4 level 3 characters.  The adventure can be adjusted for more or less characters and some battles will be noted with recommended adjustments.  The characters will cross grasslands to explore a deep chasm.  The majority of the adventure will take place in a mountain-like chasm and an underground dungeon.

This free Level 3 Adventure is compatible with The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It can serve as an introduction to almost any style of campaign. You will need very minimal prep for this adventure. 

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One of the “encounters” presented in this adventure uses a trap from Deadly Trappings (Amazon affiliate link).

To download or view this adventure, click here: The Call of Adventure.

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