Jumble Rumble (200-Word RPG Challenge)
 Skip Williams, Jonathan Tweet and Monte Cook (October 2000). 
Monster Manual 3rd edition. (Wizards of the Coast), pp. 34–35. ISBN 0-7869-1552-1.

So, I was invited by a friend to enter into this year’s 200-word RPG Challenge Organized by David Schirduan and Marshall Miller. My entry is a dice game that can be played solitaire or with a friend(s). Each player creates random monsters using a d6. The player whose monsters has more advantages of the others wins. The rules are simple and can be expanded upon. In fact, once the contest is over, I’ll expand out the rules for more summoning options.

This was the first year I had known about it, and it sounded like fun. This was just a fun little project last week, and I hope you guys enjoy it. You can find my main entry here: https://200wordrpg.github.io/2017/rpg/2017/04/21/JumbleRumble.html

But, for now, I’ll come back later to put the game and rules on this page once the contest ends. Check it out, play it solitaire style or with a friend, and let me know what you think!

Thanks, guys!

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