It has been about three weeks since the 200-word RPG challenge. There were many awesome entries! It was a fun design experiment as this was my first time entering.
I made a little change to my original entry. Added a creature type and expanded the description and rules.

Jumble Rumble

Two conjurers face-off in a deadly Summoner’s Duel. To win, summon jumbled creatures to dominate your opponent’s creations. Feel free to add options, use dice with more sides for adding extra options, or add more players for a full-on Jumble Rumble!
Players roll a six-sided die for each aspect of their summoned creature. A player rolls for a base creature, followed by an environment and an element. Next, players compare monsters. Players determine points earned against the other monster based on the charts below. The player with the highest score after three summons wins.
Base Creature:
1- Dragon: +1 Demons and Celestials
2- Demon: +1 Celestials and Humanoids
3- Celestial: +1 Demons and Undead
4- Undead: +2 Humanoids
5- Humanoid: +1 Beasts and Dragons
6- Beast: +2 Dragons
Creature Type:
1- Mundane: No modifiers
2- Magical: +1 Mundane
3- Mechanical: +1 Magical
4- Chimera: Roll an additional Base Creature
5- Migratory: Roll an additional Environment
6- Admixture: Roll an additional Element
1- Aquatic: +1 Desert, -1 Earth
2- Desert: +1 Forest, -1 Water
3- Forest: +1 Mountains, -1 Fire
4- Underground: +1 Aerial, – 1 Light
5- Mountains: +1 Underground, -1 Wind
6- Aerial: +1 Aquatic, -1 Dark
1- Fire: +1 Wind, -1 Dragons and Demons
2- Water: +1 Fire, -1 Humanoids and Beasts
3- Wind: +1 Earth, -1 Dragons and Celestials
4- Earth: +1 Water, -1 Undead and Humanoids
5- Light: +1 Dark, Demons, and Undead, -1 Celestials and Humanoids
6- Dark: +1 Light, Celestials, Humanoids, -1 Demons and Undead
Hope you guys enjoy! Use this game for some quick fun while waiting for your session to start, or add it as a mini-game to your D&D, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, or other RPG campaigns.
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