King’s Dice
King’s Dice is a gambling game designed for use in any D&D/Pathfinder/RPG. Feel free to use and adapt as you wish. The game and rules are as follows:
The King’s dice is a mix of luck and strategy.

Each Player uses 20 d6s (can be purchased as a brick).
There is a “King’s Die” which is a d20.
Before the game begins, all Characters/players must agree on how much money to wager and the amount each die will be worth. The money is put up front and held until the end of the game. Ex: Players agree to 200gp, thus each die is worth 10gp.
One player starts with the King’s Die rolls the die. Based on the result of the King’s die, all players (starting with the person left of who rolled the King’s Die and ending with the person who rolled the King’s Die) go around the table saying how many dice they will roll and pick up that number. After all players have stated how many dice they will roll, all players roll their dice. Whoever is the closest to the result of the King’s die wins all the dice used in that round. The winner of the round is also in charge of the King’s die for the next round. In the event of a tie, all players tied for winning the round will each take one additional die and declare whether the die will add or subtract from their total.  The dice are then rolled and the results added or subtracted from their total based on their decision. Whoever is closer to the King’s die with their new total is the winner. Dice used in a tie-breaker are added to the dice pool. If there is still a tie, continue in this fashion until there is no tie or someone is out of dice. If a player runs out of dice during a tie-breaker, they do not get to roll that turn and all others roll their dice as normal. Play continues with the winner of each round rolling the King’s die. If a player has no dice at the end of a round, the game ends. All players then cash in their dice with the pot of money based on how many dice they have left. (So one player loses everything). Dice are returned to their owners at the end of each game. If a player rolls the exact amount of the King’s die BEFORE tie-breaker dice are rolled, and he or she is the only player to roll the exact amount, that player wins the dice in the pool as well as one additional die from every player.
I think that covers all the rules and play of the game. If you have any questions, just let me know!
Give me a shout out of how the game works for your group. Also leave comments and suggestions for alternate ways to play.
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