Maran Amalgamator & First Adventure Starter Preview
Yes, I know. I can’t draw. Or color. Consider this just a cheap representation of the idea. Full stats for the Maran Amalgamator will be available with the first Adventure Starter. Currently, I’m still deciding how I would like to release my Adventure Starter Series. Feel free to comment with your preferred method. Remember, if readers prefer free, there will be only rudimentary sketches such as this. I may work for free, but I do not expect artists to do the same for me. (Though, if anyone with like to send me artwork, I’ll gladly put it up with full credits and links 😉 😉 *nudge *nudge).
Possible release platforms include (re)starting Patreon, Pay What you Wish, or Free. While a Kickstarter would be nice, this is a smaller project and will most likely only be released digitally. Thank you all for your support thus far (even if it is only casual reading).
Anyways, many of you have been voting on twitter for my new #AdventureStarter Series. The votes thus far have been for an adventure between 1st and 5th levels with a new aberration creature. Here is your first look at that creature as well as a new disease that will be introduced as part of the adventure. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook so you can offer your own input and votes.

Maran Amalgamator

Maran Amalgamators rarely leave this safety of their underground territories. Many have mistaken this fungivore for a dangerous beast. While the maran amalgamators appear to be carnivorous or carrion-feeders, their sole food source comprises of the fungal spores responsible for scintillating fever and tend to extract them from the bodies of creatures who succumb to the disease. Maran amalgamators have an inherent magical warping property allowing them to ingest the spores safely.

Scintillating Fever

Type curse, disease, contact, ingested or inhaled; Save Fortitude DC 16 and Will DC 16
Onset 1 hour; Frequency 1/day
Effect 1d6 Con damage and 1d6 Wis damage
Cure Scintillating Fever can only be cured by successfully casting both remove curse and remove disease within 1 minute of each other

Special Any creature afflicted by scintillating fever must successfully make both saves in order to prevent progression of the disease. The disease can only be removed by magical means.

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