Piezoelectric Golem CR 3

The piezoelectric golem found below is compatible with The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.    Why no picture? Well, drawing is not my forte. Though I could find free artwork or ask an artist for a free submission, I would much rather pay an artist for their work. Please consider becoming a...Read more

Ultimate Intrigue (Product Review)

What is the Ultimate Intrigue? Today’s RPG product review is on Paizo’s Ultimate Intrigue for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. [This post contains affiliate links] The most intriguing part of Ultimate Intrigue is whether Paizo intended for GMs to decide upon their own mechanics or save it for another book. When it comes to Chapter...Read more

June Giveaway!

Wednesday featured my first product review for the site, Rory’s Story Cubes. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you really should. For the month of June, I will be giving away a set of Rory’s Story Cubes. To earn your chance to win, all you have to do...Read more
Rory’s Story Cubes (Product Review)

Rory’s Story Cubes (Product Review)

The Perfect Aide for Beating Writer’s Block Today’s RPG product review is on Rory’s Story Cubes. (You can visit the company’s Home Page here). [This post contains affiliate links] “Now wait a minute! These aren’t an RPG product,” I am sure some of you are thinking already. You’re right. These were made...Read more
Primary Wall of Force Puzzle (Answered)

Primary Wall of Force Puzzle (Answered)

or… The Long Over Due Answer… So, three months ago I put up a puzzle for the masses to work out. The Primary Wall of Force Puzzle used the three primary colors (of pigment: blue, red, yellow) as well as the three most basic shapes people learn (circle, square, triangle)....Read more
Paving the Road to Hell (Guest Post by Dustinopolis, High Level Games)

Paving the Road to Hell (Guest Post by Dustinopolis, High Level Games)

Paving the Road to Hell Are your players laughing too much? Do you wish that sometimes you could just get them to stop reveling over their latest exploits? We can fix that, but it will take a commitment from you to withhold your sympathies from those sycophantic rule-hawks for a...Read more

Primary Wall of Force Puzzle: Simply Complicated or Complicatedly Simple RPG Puzzles (GM TIPS)

Sometimes games and sessions can become stale and monotonous. All the skill checks, hacking and slashing through enemies that don’t measure up to min-maxed characters— you name it, sometimes you’ll get bored with it. So how can you create a challenge without creating an arms race? Today’s GM Tip is...Read more

How to Make a Good Story (A Hero’s Journey) – So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part VI)

The Art of Storytelling (The Hero’s Journey) (Post may contain affiliate links). How do you make a good story for your adventure? Your campaign? Do you have great original ideas, but players get bored before they ever reach them? Whether you are a novelist or just a guy wanting to...Read more

Simple Ways to Introduce a New Character – So you Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part V)

Simple Ways to Introduce New Characters I know this is straying from where we left off on the “So You Think You Can GM?” series (long overdue update coming soon), but it is a fair GM tip nevertheless. Today’s GM tip is all about how to introduce new characters to...Read more