So, my sincerest apologies for dropping the ball this past month. Things will get back on schedule, but not immediately I am afraid.

So, the top 32 were just announced on There are some good entries if I do say so myself.

If you are following the contest (and I suggest that you do), you might see a familiar name: Donald Robinson. As in, me.

Make sure you check in the contest starting September 8th for round 2 (and beyond).

And please. Vote for me. Thank You!

Will have the next part of our Adventure Creation Walk-Through as well as a new class up by Thursday, September 10th.

Thank you to all that voted in the first round of the contest! Also, big congratulations to the other Top 32 and Alternates for season 9. There is some really, really solid competition. This is going to be a tough road for everyone. Good luck everyone!

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