So, going back to Patreon, but there are a couple things you guys should know.

First off, this does not mean I’m trying to take all your money. In fact, many times and probably for 100% of my projects for quite a long time (like a year or two), I won’t be charging anything. All my solo work will continue to be free as long as I can manage it. That means all my solo projects will be free for all my Patrons. What this means is, even if you are pledging $5 per project, I’ll only be doing a paid project when I hire on artists or other writers. Each project that I do on my own, patrons will get it for free (READ: you will not pay your pledge amount).

As of right now, I have no paid projects lined up. I am only doing the Patreon as a way to know when I’ll be ready to release paid products. That will be when pledge money will actually be withdrawn.

So for now, consider the pledges that all Patrons make to be an, “I would pay for your work” and not a “So you want money?” For me, this isn’t about money. It’s about knowing people actually like my work. As much as I would love to be a paid writer and game designer, I know it is just not a realistic goal for me at this time. I have a job and I am an in school for a second degree to move to a better position. So please don’t think I am trying to sell out for my sub-par content. I am just using the pledges to know when I am ready to take my projects to the next level.

Thank you all for your support!

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