The DM Doctor now reviews RPG Products!

Each month, I’ll be reviewing RPG products (and maybe other games) sent to me or that I purchase. Unless specified, these reviews will NOT be paid sponsorships. By that, I mean that I will not be accepting money or credits in return for the reviews. This is to ensure that every single review is taken from the least biased approach possible.

All products will be reviewed from a design point of view. I’ll add player and gamemaster comments in some cases. Below, you will find the review template, criteria, what I am looking at specifically, and how many points are available.

Cost vs Value — Cost of product versus the value of the content. (20 points)

Art — Does the art match up to the content or product? (10 points)

Readability — Is the product easy to read and understand? (20 points)

Mechanics — Are the mechanics solid? Is there a needed tweak? (15 points)

Stand-alone-ability — Excluding core game materials, how many other materials are required to used this product? (15 Points)

Originality — How original is the spin and design of the product? (20 points)

Overall Score — Out of 100 possible points.

Review Notes — My comments and ramblings about the product. I will try to keep to a designer notes review because I know that everyone has different preferences in the way they choose to play their games.

To wrap up each review, I will let you know where you can find the product.

If there is a product you would like for me to review, then send me an email or hit me up on social media (twitterfacebook, and google+). Remember to post your comments and concerns over any review on the individual product review’s page.


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