RPG Small Creators List

“Making it” in the RPG industry can be difficult. Especially for small creators and content producers. With so many different options (even among the big industries), it is easy to get lost in the noise.

Though my reach is about as far as my myopia, I would like to give a push for other small RPG creators.

The following are in no particular order and were nominations on Twitter. Much of what is shared is by their preferences. Please show them some love and check out their content.

Outlandish Adventure

Coming Soon!


The Hydian Way

Like Star Wars? How about podcasts? How about a Star Wars RPG podcast? The Hydian Way is a diverse group of gamers from across North America playing through a published module proving that it “can be done and fun can be had on the way.” Start the adventure with Act I.


Pen & Blade

Pen and Blade draws maps and character art on youtube. As someone with zero drawing ability, I’ll be following along the tutorials for map drawings because I need it. You can also join the discord discussion Cybernation. If you are a fan of all things chibi, check out the “World of Chibu” tabletop RPG series.


♡Yubi♡《DM lyf》

Yubi is a “Scottish, non-binary, into minipainting as well as writing homebrew adventures and campaigns.” Yubi currently DMs for . The Mortal Path is a D&D 5e play podcast with a magic-rare setting. You can listen in @ https://themortalpath.podbean.com, or visit their website for transcripts and more info: https://themortalpath.com/.



Nicholas Johnson is an RPG writer and content producer. He contributes to Digital and Dice, runs his own blog site (draconick.com), and has products available to purchase. Draconick’s most recent solo adventure Alone Against the Tide is available on Drive-thru RPG and uses the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Quick-Start Rules (available free on ).

Check out his Patreon and Discord to donate and chat with him.


AL Wyvern  

Al Wyvren is an Irish, Indie developer for The Willow Effect and The Station Generator. A big update is planned for The Station Generator, so make sure to keep an eye out later this year (2018)!


Almost Heroic

“Almost Heroic is a Comedic 5th Edition adventure brought to you by the team at Bytes N Brews. Four adventurers band together to try to thwart the revival of an ancient apocalyptic deity known as The Devourer. This task is only made more difficult/hilarious when their team is comprised of an evil warlock leader, an overtly prideful ranger, a dimwitted 8 foot tall cleric, and some alcoholic bard they recruited in a tavern. One of the unique features of the show is the adapted Skill Challenge system that Patrick “The Goddamn DM” Tracy uses to allow the players to occasionally paint the narrative of their goofy antics as they bumble their way through combating the cult’s plans.”

Almost Heroic will begin Seasons 2 this Sunday (7/15/18)! You can listen to all 33 EPISODES of Season 1 on Itunes and Podbean.


Now go out, view, listen, and share their content! Also, check back often as I’ll add more small creators as they are nominated from time to time.

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