Sharing Some Other Blogs
Something a little different today.
I’ve been looking into other blogs, podcasts, and videos to get ideas of what has been done and where to excel because no one is covering it. Along my travel, I decided that there were plenty of others out there that are small and unheard. I’d like to help get their voices heard, even if mine doesn’t reach that far. So please, go check these blogs out and show your support. Let’s encourage them to shine on!
Site: Twitter: @ArcanaKeep
First off, Arcana Keep is having a Dice Giveaway. If you haven’t signed up, go to their site NOW!
Also, if you are interested in a little bit more on D&D Beyond and what others think, check out this post:
Great news and tips (including How to Build a D&D character in Under 10 minutes)! They also have an acceptable list of D&D Twitter accounts to follow. Though they did forget to mention me (j/k, kinda).
I think this guy is in the same boat as me. Needs a little pick-me-up to get back to work. Go show him your support so we can see what other awesome stuff he has like this:
I’ll admit, I haven’t looked too far into this one. Hope to explore more later this week. Still, go give him some love because I really liked this Build Your Own Monster.
So please, go check these guys out. If you know any other small-time blogs, please post a link in the comments below and I’ll spread the word. If it is your own blog, let me know!
That’s all for The Doctor’s orders.
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