The Evening Star (Adventure Idea)

Story Setup

One hundred years ago, a new, bright star appeared in the sky. This new star tends to be the first star seen every evening; thusly named The Evening Star.

Over the last year, astrologist and other scholars have noticed the star growing seemingly brighter and larger. The Evening Star shines so brightly now that it can be seen dimly even during the day. An extremely gifted scholar and scryer, Artemis Mullins, set his talents to uncover the phenomenon. Upon an extended meditative scry, someone or something contacted Artemis leaving his mind scarred and fragmented. If running as a non-fantasy, have the “scholar” be part of an astronomer group that picks up strange interference coming from the egg. The higher form of thinking and complex patterns in the intercepted message cause the fragmentation of his mind. Or just leave poor Artemis’ mind alone and keep it intact.

Plans Using This Adventure

The Evening Star is actually an egg from ancient precursor race to all dragon-kind. The egg is set on a crash course to this world. The egg hatches after an indeterminate amount of time. The story can move many different directions from here.

  1. You can have the new hatchling be true neutral with the intention of devouring everything in sight so that it can grow and mature to full-size over time.
  2. The hatchling’s lineage is that of a deity-like race. The PCs are charged to either stop or to aid the hatchling.
  3. The egg was destined to arrive on another nearby planet (with no intelligent life-forms). The PCs seek to transport the egg before it hatches.
  4. The resulting impact from the egg creates a nuclear-like fallout drastically changing the climate and starting a nuclear winter.

Hope this adventure idea inspires you. If you need help expanding this adventure out, just let me know!

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