Websites Followed by The DM Doctor

There are hundreds, if not thousands of blogs and YouTube channels for RPGs. How do you keep track of them all? Well… you can’t. Unless you have no life and no sleep.

Here is a list of some blogs, websites, and channels that I follow. I follow these people for two reasons. 1). They have great content. 2). I interact with (most of) these people from time to time and they are always working hard and just awesome people all around. (Alphabetical Order) I am listing mostly non-mainstream sites. The big companies and such (with an exception or two) have more than enough coverage.

Blogs and sites:

Arcana Keep
Atomic RPG
Creative Repository
Dave Mallon
David Horwitz Writes
DM Leviathan
Emerald Samurai
Heavy Metal GM
High Level Games
Kobold Press
Parlor Gaming
Terminally Nerdy (Blog here)
Wendy Doodles


If I’m not following, don’t fret! Comment below, send me an email, tweet, some signal! I promise I’ll check it out!